Kate Jassin, PhD




I am currently a faculty member at CUNY (City Tech) and a research consultant.  Through my work as a social/political psychologist and instructor of industrial and organizational psychology, I saw tremendous potential to apply the tools of these fields and my quantitative training to help businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals to use research and data to help them reach their goals.  In my academic work, I conduct survey-based scientific research on the psychology of political conflict intractability and intergroup prejudice/discrimination (see "My Research" page). I have also worked as an independent contractor with non-profit organizations to 1) utilize basic and applied social science research to develop real world interventions in ongoing political conflicts, 2) assist institutions in designing member surveys and produce quantitative reports of service usage/satisfaction to inform organizational decision-making, 3) assist government-funded project teams track the implementation of evidence-based behavioral interventions for childcare providers.  

I earned a doctorate in cognitive, social, and developmental psychology with a graduate certificate in gender and sexuality studies from the New School for Social Research in New York City. I have over a decade of experience designing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative surveys of people's subjective attitudes, and analyzing institutional data.  I have a half of a decade of experience teaching industrial & organizational psychology at CUNY, and have taught undergraduate level courses in research methods, statistics, political psychology, social psychology, and psychology and social policy at The New School. 


My workspace is at The Wing, a co-working space for women.  I can host consultations with woman-identified clients at any of the 3 locations in Dumbo (Brooklyn), Soho, or Flatiron (by appointment only), or I will gladly venture out to meet you anywhere else in NYC.  I also offer online consultations via video chat to clients located outside of NYC and those in NYC for whom virtual sessions are more convenient.    


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Businesses & non-profit organizations

Research Consulting & Data Analysis

MY Research - Social & Political Psychology





Survey Design

  • Member/User/Customer experience surveys
  • HR employee satisfaction surveys
  • Cultural climate/diversity assessments 
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Data Analysis & Data Visualization

  • Survey data analysis
  • Developing predictive models (e.g. what predicts employee satisfaction?  what impacts turnover?)
  • Reports to aid in organizational decision-making
  • Objective performance data 
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Program/Policy Evaluation

  • Training Evaluation
  • Policy Evaluation 
  • Public institutional data analysis for advocacy organizations