Marjorie j. 

My company was hired to survey the membership of a large institutional law library in order to plot the direction of the library’s content and services to its members going forward.  We are a law library management company and we hired Kate to help us complete this project because of her level of skill and experience with the technical aspects of conducting and analyzing survey-based research. Her expertise in survey design, formulating questions to elicit useful information regarding how members experience the content and services of the library, has been crucial to the success of this project.  She paid close attention to the details regarding the content of the questions and their response options, and anticipated how these decisions would impact the statistical analysis of the results of the surveys once all data is collected. Kate participated collaboratively with the stakeholders involved in a professional and efficient manner.  We look forward to working with her again in similar projects in the future.

Sophia H. 

Kate has been helping me craft my dissertation study from proposal to final product. When I initially reached out to her I felt daunted and unsure of the statistical thicket I had to work through to create a quality dissertation study. Kate immediately put me at ease and made me feel like she was on my team, available, interested and ready to help me create the best piece of work I could. I felt like she was invested in my success, and that gave me more confidence. Kate was responsive and patient when I asked her to help me craft both my written work and the shape and validity of my study design. I can't recommend her highly enough to anyone needing support in any statistical endeavor. 

Hannah G. 

Kate worked with me over the course of two years to help me complete my dissertation. When I started working with her the project felt insurmountable. With compassion and a great sense of humor she helped to organize my ideas and edit my writing. In later stages, she patiently guided me through analyzing and presenting my data. Aside from being super smart and on top of things she is supportive, motivating, kind and patient. I went into my defense feeling confident and passed with no revisions! I give Kate my highest recommendation.

Amanda P. 


I was struggling in my graduate-level psychology research methods/statistics course and also needed help preparing for my comprehensive exam in statistics/SPSS. I immediately felt comfortable with Kate’s kindness, patience, and humor. She was extremely knowledgeable and patient as she took the time to thoughtfully and creatively explain complex concepts. She also helped me prepare both during and outside of our tutoring sessions. I could not have passed these major milestones without Kate’s support, and I will definitely use her assistance in the future as I continue my graduate training. I would recommend Kate to anyone!