Research Consulting  & Data Analysis




Survey design

  • Member/User/Customer experience surveys

  • HR employee satisfaction surveys

  • Cultural climate/diversity assessments

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Data analysis & Data visualization

  • Survey data analysis

  • Developing predictive models (e.g. what predicts employee satisfaction? what impacts turnover?)

  • Reports to aid in organizational decision-making

  • Objective performance data

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Program/Policy Evaluation

  • Training evaluations

  • Policy evaluations

  • Public institutional data analysis for advocacy organizations


work sample - New York Law Institute member survey project

In collaboration with Law Library Management Inc., I helped to design a survey of the membership of the New York Law Institute to help the executive director and board of trustees make organizational decisions over the future of their services, collection of legal materials, and physical space.  My role was to create the online survey using Qualtrics survey software with questions designed by the NYLI executive director and the project management team at Law Library Management, analyze the results of the survey, and write the report of the results of the survey to present to the board of trustees.  Below are sample pages from the report, and the full report can be found following this link:  NYLI Member Survey Report