Statistics Tutoring 

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Dissertation/Thesis Data Analysis

No matter how many statistics courses they have taken, many graduate students still feel overwhelmed when they have real data in front of them that needs to be analyzed for their thesis or dissertation requirements.  I have helped many students to take a deep breath and get through this highly stressful process. 

My clients have ranged from students who are convinced they are not "math people" (that's not real) who need help with every stage of data analysis (planning analyses, running analyses in SPSS, results write-ups) to clients who are confident in statistics but want reassurance that they are making the right choices in their analyses.  

I also offer editing services, and help with research design for when it seems impossible to decipher the feedback you received from your advisor/committee.  

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Tutoring - Advanced Statistics Courses

Graduate level statistics courses can often be challenging and stressful, especially for students who have more of a clinical focus and do not plan to be research practitioners after completing their degree.  I have helped many psychology students get through their statistics course requirements by addressing both the theoretical and practical aspects of understanding the analyses being covered. 

Perhaps most importantly, I help students get over the mental block many have with anything math-adjacent, and help them build confidence and reduce feelings of panic that arise when SPSS spits out more output than one thinks can be processed by the human mind.  

Services range from help with homework assignments, exam prep, to regular meetings to stay on track.  

Dissertation defense & comps exam prep

Many students have to take sit-down exams testing their aptitude in statistical theory and analyses in order to move forward in their PhD program. 

I have helped clients develop strategies to do well on exam day by going through practice tests together to (1) determine their strengths and weaknesses and what they should spend the most time practicing, (2) develop exam review guides to help them remember the important conceptual and procedural information for each type of analysis (e.g. when and why to run t-tests vs. anova), and (3) develop a schedule to help them efficiently and effectively study for their comprehensive exam.  

I also offer dissertation defense prep services, such as helping to create effective powerpoint presentations.